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Dakimakura Covers


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How do I wash covers?

Notice: This dakimakuri fabric care guide is for cleaning Kuri’s and Miri’s 2wt fabric only and is not a general dakimakura care guide. Additionally, this guide does not apply to printings done by 3rd parties such as p80. Please follow care instructions provided by each manufacturer to prevent accidental damages.

  1. Turn the cover inside out to protect the colors and surface of the dakimakura.
  2. Insert into our customized mesh bag for extra protection. (not necessary but recommended especially for top-loading washers) We created perfect sized bags to minimize the movement inside the washer.
  3. Wash on normal settings around 55-70minutes, adding extra rinse to the wash cycle to ensure it is free of detergent.
  4. Remove from bag and place into dryer with other soft clothing, sheets, or dakimakuras.
  5. Dry for 15-20minutes or until it feels dry on normal settings. Continue to add few minutes at a time if not yet dried. Larger loads may take up to 30 minutes. Dryer performance and actual drying time may vary.
  6. Fold/use immediately to prevent wrinkles.

NEVER use corrosive liquid (vinegar, bleach).
Take caution using anything scented (detergent, fabric softener).


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