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What is Dakimakuri?

Dakimakuri is a US-based doujin dakimakura circle. Traditionally, the hobby has been difficult to get into for people outside of Japan, or otherwise riddled with overpriced bootleg knockoffs that use false advertising. Our goal is to bring cute cuddly waifus to people all around the globe without sacrificing quality or integrity.

Our custom two way tricot fabric is our own custom material and is often regarded as having similar quality to expensive Japanese covers, while costing only half the price. Our inner pillow has become the go-to for dakimakura enthusiasts in western countries. Our roster of artists is increasing each month as we work with large names both inside and outside of Japan.

Please note that our items are manufactured in China and may also ship from our logistics company in China. No Dakimakuri employees reside in China and this is purely a cost saving measure.

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