We Value Your Privacy

And that's why we're not afraid to tell you exactly how our website works and what we do with your data.

Google Analytics

Our website makes use of Google Analytics for simple tracking of user engagement. No personally identifying information is collected through our analytics. You can read the full Google Analytics Terms of Service to better understand how your privacy is protected. You can opt out of Google Analytics at any time by installing Google's Opt Out Addon. We track specifically:

  • Geolocation (country, province, city)
  • Language preferences
  • Agent information (operating system, browser information)
  • Page navigations and referrals
  • Service provider
  • Screen resolution
  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Potentially other information provided by Google
We have not enabled in-depth analytics such as interest reports or cross device information..

Twitter Publish

Our website integrates with Twitter Publish for basic embedding of Twitter feeds and is subject to Twitter's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

Font Awesome

Our website utilizes Font Awesome to render certain iconography. You can find more information on their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Contact Form

Our contact form tracks your IP address for anti-spam measures only.