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Dakimakura Inner Pillow

Kumochi 160cm (4.2kg)Kumochi 150cm (3.6kg)Wataame 160cm (3.7kg)Kumoame 160cm (6.5kg)

Size: 160cm x 50cm

Casing: Brush-knitted 2wt stretch fabric (90% Polyester, 10% Lycra)

Cover weight: 550g / 280 gsm

Filling: Kumochi Filling

Filling Weight: 4.2kg +/- 3% variance

Standard invisible zipper fastener

Includes 2x Pillow Filling

Also includes free random keychain!


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Kumochi160cm4.2 - 4.6kg

All-rounder. Light and fluffy with just a touch of firmness.

Great for a quick hug or overnight sleep.

Kumochi150cm3.6 - 3.9kg

Light and fluffy, coming to you in 150cm variety.


Newly developed blend with extra squishy mochi feel. Ideal for those preferring heavier weight.


Our original blend with a medium firmness.

Carefully Crafted Dakimakura Pillow

For international consumers

Features of our inner:

  • Anti-slip - Yes, cover will stay in place.
  • Conformity - The cover and inner will feel like single piece.
  • Rigid corners – No flappy ears in the corners.
  • Stretch fit – compatible with any covers between 155-160cm.
  • Adjustable – zippered enclosure allowing further adjustments to your liking.
  • Two fillings types - Wataame and Kumochi

100% of profit goes to supporting artists to further improve their drawing skills and create more beautiful designs for you. Subsidized flat-per inner shipping rates with further discounts provided when purchased with one of our covers.

What is Wataame?

Wataame (綿飴/ Japanese for “cotton candy”) is the filling that was used in the initial batch of our original inner. The floss-like combing and layered and pull-apart features of this filling is like the confectionary that you are familiar with while containing similar resiliency as some of the most preferred pillows out there. This option has filling fineness comparable to A&J’s DHR7K. Inners using this material is currently not in stock and will be available in the near future.

What is Kumochi?

Kumochi (雲ち/Cloud Mochi) is the customized poly-filling that we used to describe the mochi mochi-like texture features of the filling used in our new inners. The highly refined poly-fill is unprecedently soft due to its fineness and high resiliency being as much as 30% finer and fluffier than our original. Additional fillings (sold separately) can be easily added beyond the stocked units that we offer for an even more adventurous firmness without the pillow being bloated making this one of the most versatile pillows available. At 3.6-6.0kg net fillings weight, she is up to three times as heavy* as some of the most popular options known in the community.

*compared to DHR, Comodo, Fules, Marshmallow series.

What is the difference between Kumochi and Wataame?

Due to various cost cutting such as production, warehousing, and especially international logistics, many companies typically use rougher, ball-shaped filling to emulate firmness. This process allows the entire pillow to be as light as 1kg** and in most cases, topping out at around 2kg* for Japanese inners excluding a few heavier premium options currently available such as Dhr7k (3.3kg).

Over time, these pillows lose its loftiness as the filling quickly shifts and flattens with use. At 3.2kg, Wataame matches some of the best ones available on the market and is further increased with the creation of Kumochi to improve the longevity and loftiness of our inners.

*compared to A&J, Comodo, Fules, Marshmallow series.

**certain bootlegger’s “Deluxe Grand Siberian”

At the heart of the hobby, inners play an integral role in the hugging experience. The problem is advancements in this area have been seriously lacking. Where do I buy them directly? Where can I find nice 150cm inners? After many years, little to no accessible quality options are available for international markets. Dakimakuri’s mission is to breakthrough with reasonably priced inners that bests what is available in the market today.

Even premium pillows from Japan have reports of inconsistencies among experienced users. Due to cutting down on manufacturing, storage and logistics costs, commonly used ball-shaped clusters are typically used. While they work well at first but will eventually loosen and become lumpy as the clusters detach from each other.

Like cooking, creating new inners from scratch is simple yet complicated with infinite possibilities for the same dish. With significant investments and much trial and error over the past year, we challenged ourselves to solve all the major weaknesses common to pillow inners that we frequently encounter.

One of the biggest obstacles was to create a filling blend that is anti-clumping and soft to the touch, but also supportive. Coarsely filled pillows (1.5kg) such as those generically available from ebay and bootleg sites lump and deteriorate quickly, while overfilling usually results in an uncomfortably bloated pillow.

As with shopping for mattresses, different customers have different preferences as to what feels the most comfortable to them. However, some of the choices such as firmness are on the opposite ends of each other meaning it is not possible to create a one size fits all. We created several different types in order to meet everyone’s preference needs. See the chart to help you decide which one is right for you.

Not convinced? We offer 100-day guarantee for our inners, if it does not meet your expectation, contact us and we will make it right. We work with about a half dozen independent factories to make the inners possible, each responsible for creating a part of the pillow. We do not sell rebranded generics, be wary of any sellers claiming to be offering the identical product.

Dakimakuri guarantee:

We proudly stand behind our products. For any issues in workmanships, defects, or otherwise not meeting standards as described, please contact us directly with your issues for swift resolution. We will happily repair, replace, or refund your purchase.

Authentic, affordable, artist-supported covers.

Dakimakura covers without compromise.