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Dakimakura Inner

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Size: 160cm x 50cm

Brand: Dakimakuri

Casing: Brush-knitted 2wt stretch fabric (90% Polyester, 10% Lycra)

Cover weight: 550g / 280 gsm

Filling: Kuri’s Cotton Candy polyfill blend

Filling Weight: 3.2kg +/- 3% variance

Completion Weight: 3.75kg +/- 2% variance

Shipping weight: 40 x 50 x 20cm, 4.5kg
Standard invisible zipper fastener

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Carefully Crafted Dakimakura Pillow

For international consumers

Features of our inner:
  • Vertical stand – Yes
  • Anti-slip – Yes, cover will stay in place.
  • Conformity – The cover and inner will feel like single piece
  • Rigid corners – No flappy ears in the corners.
  • Stretch fit – compatible with any covers between 155-160cm.
  • Smooth surface – Lump-free experience throughout.
  • Round pillow shape – More comfortable hugging experience.
Introductory offering:

Shipping 4.5kg internationally is incredibly expensive, and we would like to help our early adopters offset some of these costs by offering bundled deals when purchased with any of our dakimakura covers.

  • By itself – flat rate of $40 shipping ($80 for 2 pillows)
  • Each cover purchased with inner pillow reduces shipping by $10 (until shipping is free!)

Shipping by EMS only. (Sorry we cannot use private carriers such as DHL as volumetric weight makes shipping fees way too expensive)

Import preorders: (Available for delivery in April, US only)

Pillows will be imported to warehouses in US and distributed via domestic carriers.

Shipping will be free.

Any covers that you purchased with the inner will have shipping fees waived.

Offer is limited to 1 inner per bundle deal. Inners are pre-boxed and cannot be combined. If you would like to purchase multiple pillows, you will receive $15 off shipping for each cover you purchased with the inner. (Up to the full amount of shipping discount)

Future projects:

All proceeds from this sale goes to creation of more accessories and artist commissions.

We may also create 150cm and lower priced options that matches mainstream Japanese pillow’s quality and weight ~2.6kg.

At the heart of the hobby, Dakimakura inners plays an integral role of the overall hugging experience. The problem is, advancements in this area has been seriously lacking. After many years, little to no quality accessible options is available for international markets. Even premium ones from Japan has reports of inconsistency among experienced users. Dakimakuri’s mission is to breakthrough with reasonably priced inners that bests what is available in the market today.

Like cooking, creating new inners from scratch is simple yet complicated with infinite possibilities for the very same dish. With significant investments and many trial and error over the past year, we challenged ourselves to solve all the major weakness common to pillow inners that we frequently see and encounter.

One of the biggest obstacles was to create a filling blend that is anti-clumping, soft to the touch but also supportive. Coarsely filled pillows (1.7kg) such as those from Ebay generics and bootleg sites simply lumps and deteriorates quickly, while ultra-fine fillings such as down (4kg+) is not only expensive but have little to no resilience where if filled reach certain firmness, the pillow would only be an uncomfortable bloated pillow. Even mainstream brands from Japan has its downsides which is done to cut down on manufacturing, storage and shipping costs. Ball-shaped clusters are often used by these factories that is great at first but will eventually loosen and become lumpy as the clusters detach from each other.

Dakimakuri blend of high resilience poly-fill ensures the perfect balance between loft and support. Our dakimakura is 60% more filled by weight than comparable inners, will expands to perfectly fill the casing allowing for a memory foam-like consistency while retaining both high softness and resiliency. The fabric casing, same as our DIY offering is made from stretchable 2wt brushed fabric (90%/10% ratio) providing a friction surface that allows the cover to stay in place throughout the night.

Not convinced? We offer 100-day guarantee for our inners, if it does not meet your expectation, contact us and we will make it right. Free filling samples with any order is available upon request (US only, while supplies last) We work with about half dozen independent factories to make the inners possible, each responsible for creating a part of the pillow. We do not sell rebranded generics, be wary of any sellers claiming to be offering the identical product.


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