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September 2020 Update


Hello! We are hard at working improving our website and logistics. Currently, around 98% of our items are in-stock and ready to ship. We hope to indicate which items are not in stock soon, but for now you can always contact us with stock questions.

We have added a page to better explain our shipping process, up to date with the current state of international shipping.

Here are the new products this month:


By rimuu

There are two limited Aqua Premier covers available until October 5th:

Ryza Limited Ed.
Ichijou Hotaru Limited Ed.

July 2020 Update


Hello! We appreciate everyone's patience as the international shipping situation is still a bit chaotic. If you have ordered, please be patient! It can take a few months at this point for packages to arrive, we are very sorry for that. It will get better as soon as the world gets better. ♥️

Here's some more covers!

Projekt Melody


Hello Science Team! Today we are happy to release our collaboration cover with Projekt Melody, the lewdest artificial intelligence on the internet. It was drawn by our own resident artist Kätzchen and we hope you enjoy it.

Buy the cover here!

June 2020 Update


Hello everyone! June is almost over, but we didn't forget to update. Here's some new covers on our site:

Our blankets are also now available: