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January 2020 Update


Hello! We are back with more covers! Last month we did not have an update due to increased load on our factory, and the anticipated Chinese New Year.

New covers:


By craytm

Our Dakimakura Inner now comes in 5 variations, allowing you to decide between varying degrees of firmness. Please check the product page for more information.

Our shipping rates have been adjusted slightly. Express shipping has been raised from $12 to $14, and we now offer SAL for orders with pillow inners in US, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, EMS pillow shipping has been raised to $50 for US, Canada, and Australia (with the same discounted rates as before), and $45 worldwide.

One Year Anniversary!


It has been one year since we opened our store, and we are very greatful for all the support we have received so far! Here's to another fantastic year.

New covers:

Improved Platform

Returning customers may have noticed that we have recently switched e-commerce platforms. This change will allow us to improve the user experience on our site much further than we were able to before. Please bare with us as we make this transition and get in touch if you have any concerns.

October Update


Hello! We are nearing our one year anniversary! We have overhauled our website and are nearly complete with preprinting all covers.

Due to rising storage costs and international shipping fees, we are raising some of our prices. Covers have been raised from $65 to $70. Our shipping has also been adjusted to a flatrate worldwide fee. See our Ordering page for more information!

We have added 6 new covers to our store:

August Update


Hello! We have exciting news! We are moving to have a majority (if not all) of our products in-stock. This has caused us some delays, but will be better for everyone when we are finished. We've also added two new items to our shop!

Highway Blossoms Covers


The yuri couple Amber and Marina from Highway Blossoms are now available on Dakimakuri!