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Create quality inners for less. Shipping fees from shipping quality daki inners overseas are generally very expensive and it can cost the same or even more than the pillow itself. The total cost can quickly become unaffordable for many people especially for those looking to get multiples. Cheap Chinese pillows simply don’t have nearly the same experience and will go flat or clump up very quickly. We created a middle ground by creating the pillow inner casings using quality 2wt Simply fill the pillow case with approximately 2.3kg-2.8kg (5lb-6lb) of polyester fiber clusters that are commonly found online or in stores locally for a quick DIY dakimakura jobs in as little as 10 minutes. The fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Please note: This is not a complete pillow; polyester filling is required and typically will require $20-30 worth of fillings. The density of the pillow can be controlled by the amount of stuffing used. As polyester fillings are highly compressible, any amount of fillings will fit inside the pillow casing.

In US, we recommend Revoloft polyester fiber, it’s high loft and fineness makes this an ideal candidate as pillow fillings.


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