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KenKen Review

Thank you very much to KenKen for reviewing our products. In this video you can see the difference between authentic products available on our site, and bootleg items sold elsewhere.

All the items featured in the video are available right now:

By purchasing these products you are helping support the artists that make projects like Dakimakuri possible.

For those wondering about the "DAKIMAKURI PILLOW INNER" label on the box, we can cover that label on request. Please leave a note at checkout.

We Dakimakuras

Our mission is to create high quality dakimakura covers and accessories that are affordable without cutting corners. Our covers were meticulously crafted for 8 months from the yarn, to the print, and even down to the packaging.

All designs were created specifically for our website and all purchases go back into supporting the artists that made Dakimakuri possible.


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