Custom Print

Custom dakimakura printing for commercial and personal use.

Getting Started

Please Contact Us to start the process. The information we need is as follows:

  • How many covers you intend to print.
  • The size of the covers (recommended: 50x160cm).
  • Front and back images for each cover (recommended: 4000x12500 pixels for 50x160cm, RGB OK).

We will quote you a price after we have received your request and work with you personally to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.


Our custom fabric is unlike anything else on the market. After several months of tweaking we struck a balance between softness, durability, print quality, and cost that we believe stands out from the competition. Printing hundreds of covers each month, we are one of the largest legitimate printers outside of Japan. All covers are made in China but we work closely with the factories to ensure our quality is constantly improving.


We take your privacy very seriously. The printing process will be entirely confidential. We will not share any of your information with anyone, and the images will only be sent to our printing facilities.

Thank you for considering us for your next project.